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One Degree Monday June 20 2022

Cannes Lions 2022: Canadian agencies earn 11 nominations in Outdoor and Print

Between the Outdoor and Print & Publishing Lions – part of the festival’s “Classic” track of awards – Rethink led Canadian agencies with five shortlist mentions, three of which came for its work on Heinz Ketchup.


Why economies crash

In 1751, a young Dutchman living in Amsterdam, Leendert Pieter de Neufville, founded a bank. It was a propitious move. A few years later, the Seven Years War began, spurring several European powers to seek new financing for their armies. De Neufville became a major lender to Prussia, his loans secured against huge stocks of commodities like wheat and oats. He made fabulous profits until the war ended in 1763, at which point food production rose again and prices plunged. De Neufville’s creditors got cold feet, and, without the cash on hand to repay them, he was forced to sell his stocks, pushing down commodity prices further.


Canadians to Have More Control over Personal Information under Newly Proposed Privacy Bill

In Canada, the federal Liberals announced privacy legislation to offer Canadians greater control over how their personal data is used by businesses, levy fines on non-compliant businesses and establish new guidelines for the use of artificial intelligence (AI).


Rogers and Shaw agree to sell Freedom Mobile to Quebecor

Late Friday evening, Rogers, Shaw, and Quebecor jointly announced that they have reached an agreement in which Freedom Mobile will be sold to Quebecor, parent company of Videotron, on what they describe as a “cash-free, debt-free basis at an enterprise value of C$2.85 billion”, which they hope will allow them clear the final regulatory hurdle and allow the Rogers acquisition of Shaw to proceed.


Digital Nomads Jobs Are Rising in New Era of Work

Digital nomads can work from anywhere in the world, and being one is an attractive option for remote employees. In this post, we delve into what living a digital nomad lifestyle entails, what jobs you can hold as one and more.


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