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One Degree Friday June 24 2022

Coca-Cola enjoys digital strategy success

Coca-Cola has built a strong presence across digital and social platforms using its flagship brands to encourage online engagement and community actions. In addition to its digital strategy, the company has improved its supply chain and boosted its brand awareness.


Blake Lemoine tells ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ he was put on administrative leave after cautioning the firms artificial intelligence is sentient.


How to work efficiently across Mac, iPad, and Windows

Apple’s ecosystem is famous for enabling work to move from Mac to iPad and vice versa, but you can still incorporate other platforms into your computing setup. Here’s how to work as smoothly as possible when everything is spread across Windows, macOS, and iPadOS.


Multicultural Marketing Report: How to get started

Marketers know the importance of showing up and connecting with audiences authentically to build confidence on the path to purchase — but where to begin? Here are five steps marketers can take to start building meaningful and sustainable multicultural marketing strategies.


Marketing is an essential practice to flourish your business. While traditional marketing mainly included TV ads, distribution of leaflets, banners, etc., modern marketing has overtaken the role with a swift pace. An online marketing strategy is a set of plans to promote a business online and attract consumer traffic to the company. They are made to meet the long-term goals of your business and increase overall sales.


How to Use Social Media as a Digital Coach (and Why You Should)

Social media is key to establishing a strong presence online for digital coaches and attracting the right quality of leads, particularly if you conduct webinars as part of your digital coaching. Social media, by its very nature, increases your audience’s awareness of your courses because of features like comments, likes, shares, reposts and saves by people who follow your account.


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