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One Degree Tuesday July 5 2022

Will the Online News Act level the advertising playing field?

But things changed rapidly around the dawn of the 21st century when Google and Facebook started selling ads. Their tools got more sophisticated, beyond what any publisher could hope to mimic across the entire advertising supply chain. With astonishing speed, the advertising model the news industry was based on was decimated, while Google and Facebook became multi-billion dollar companies. Today, most media companies get only small sums from advertising that runs with their stories online — the technology itself is backed by these tech giants.


Women online are facing harassment — the #ToxicHush campaign is addressing it.

The TV reporter was telling me over the phone that he needed someone to interview who was not a beauty contestant. I qualified.


Parenting tips on using social media

Most parents would say unequivocally that they’d like to reduce their child’s screen time, but not all time spent tapping away on a tablet is created equal. For more information on how you can make sure your kids are getting something out of their screen time and responsibly navigating the internet, Amber Mac joins Mike Arsenault.


Hey, Google: How smart technology could help people age in place

If you’re having trouble organizing your medication or your smartphone just isn’t smart enough to help you answer the door, the Stan Cassidy Centre for Rehabilitation might have the answer. The Fredericton facility is offering hands-on learning of smart technology to people over the age of 55 and to seniors with caregivers.


Selecting the Perfect WordPress Theme – Top Things To Consider

When choosing the right Premium WordPress Themes for your site, there are many factors to consider. Themes come in a variety of styles and functionality. Avoid choosing themes that are too loaded with features. Bloated themes are unusable and tend to be unreadable. You should also consider whether the theme is compatible with the browser you use. A well-designed theme will be responsive and compatible with all major browsers.


Experts Weigh in on the Trends Shaping the Future of Digital Marketing

According to the leading digital marketing agency Melbourne wide, Zib Digital, digital marketing is more important than ever, but as it an ever-evolving landscape, it is essential for businesses to keep up and adapt their strategies to continue to reach their audience.




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