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One Degree Monday July 11 2022

New Research Looks at the Rising Online Video Trend [Infographic]

Video is the most engaging content type online, with ever-increasing network capacity and improving mobile device functionality making it easier than ever to stream video content to people at all times, changing the way that we communicate, engage and interact.


Canadian couple feeling misled after charity money never reached child in Sri Lanka

Every year, Felix and Lileena Mendis would receive updates from World Vision Canada about the child they sponsored in Sri Lanka.

Details were shared about the boy’s health, love of soccer, and involvement in youth groups.


Is Your Digital Marketing Strategy Missing the Mark? Here’s How to Tell

Any meaningful digital marketing strategy takes a commitment of time and money to put together. That commitment can involve days, weeks or even months of brainstorming sessions, research, analysis, strategy building, testing and more, taking the skill and collaboration of some of your best and brightest to create something that helps your brand shine.


10 Tips for Creating More Effective Content for Your Business Niche [Infographic]

Struggling to gain traction with your content efforts, both in Google search and on social apps?


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