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One Degree Friday July 22 2022

New data released by Google shows that 18 to 24-year-olds prefer using social media like TikTok and Instagram instead of the search engine. NBC News’ Kalhan Rosenblatt explains how the visual medium contributes to more attractive searching and what Google is trying to do to be more Generation Z-friendly.


Canadian government CIO to address AccelerateGov digital transformation conference in Ottawa

Catherine Luelo, the Canadian government’s chief information officer, is to be among the speakers at Global Government Forum’s AccelerateGov conference that will shine a light on how public servants can promote digitalisation and transformation.


Do Social Media Influencers Still Have Sway?

About a decade ago, brands started shifting their marketing spends away from celebrity endorsements and toward social media influencers: seemingly normal people who had huge followings and were game to promote products on their accounts—for a price. But after years of being served ads for Flat Tummy Tea, more than a third of social media users reported unfollowing accounts due to too much promotional content.


The new Google Wallet is now available to all users

The new Google Wallet app is available to all customers now, shortly after people in 39 countries started seeing it available on their phones Monday.Some people have had trouble pulling it up via search in Google Play or getting the update, but they can try this link, or find it via Google’s tweet.


Technology, Innovation and Systemic Risk

As established and emerging technologies continue to reshape financial services at a rapid pace, inherently new potential systemic risks are emerging. In response, the Forum’s Future of Financial and Monetary Systems platform is launching a project that will bring together private and public sector leaders to: 1. Further identify the developing short and long-term risks stemming from increased utilization of technologies in financial services, 2. Deconstruct identified risks and technology-related complexities such that stakeholders have the necessary insights from which to build risk mitigation strategies, 3. Explore how innovation and technologies themselves can be leveraged in the risk mitigation process.


5 Must-Haves For Your Law Firm’s Digital Marketing Strategy

Law firms are businesses, too. Because the legal process is so specialized, formal and rigid, it can be easy to lose sight of this basic truth. Like any modern business, a law firm needs to develop a reliable and sustainable digital marketing strategy, or it can and will dry the well. In this article, we review five key areas to focus on when considering a go-forward plan for your law firms’ marketing.


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