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One Degree Wednesday August 24 2022

Will Smith is back on social media, and his latest post is too relatable

Will Smith has bravely faced zombies, aliens and rogue robots on the big screen. But a tarantula? In his house? Forget about it.


Google admits its Google TV software is too slow

Google has been working on making its TV experience faster, more responsive, and less of a hassle for users. According to a post on its support forums on Monday, the company has been working on improving boot time, general performance, and the number of options for managing storage on both third-party TVs as well as its Chromecast with Google TV streaming puck.


Apple Maps to Show Ads by 2023

Apple is expanding its ad business in the coming years, and the company could show ads in Apple Maps as early as 2023. According to Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, Apple Maps remains a major candidate for advertising and engineering work is “already underway to launch search ads in the Apple Maps app.”


Canada Green Buildings Strategy Reaches Public Engagement Process

The Canada Green Buildings Council estimates that Canada’s green buildings industry could support approximately 1.5 million direct jobs by 2030.


CANADA: Public asked views on digital IDs

The Canadian Government is to launch public consultations on a digital identification framework for Federal Government services.


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