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One Degree Thursday August 25 2022

Why Hard Times Seem to Spur Technology Innovation

Prices are soaring, supply chains are buckling, and many businesses are struggling to survive. Yet can it be possible that all of this bad news is actually good news for tech innovators?


QR codes provide endless possibilities for digital customer experience

Denso Wave, a Japanese corporation, created the QR code more than three decades ago as a way to track auto parts for Toyota Motor Corporation. Thanks to the 78 percent increase in global smartphone penetration, QR codes have recently surged by 96 percent in both reach and number of interactions per object.


McMaster’s Digital Learning Strategy will enhance learning, improve accessibility

In a technology-enhanced classroom, neuroscience students at McMaster University have been partnering with students at a university in Ecuador to share knowledge while gaining intercultural and interdisciplinary experiences. Elsewhere on campus, instructors are utilizing digital tools to make presentations and course materials more accessible


Forget Keywords–What Really Matters in SEO Comes Down to One Sentence.

Every business owner wants to rank on page one, spot one on Google. SEO can be a massively worthwhile investment that can single-handedly transform your company’s ability to reach more customers more easily and cheaply than your competitors. Using a combination of SEO and social media, I’ve helped companies grow from $300k a year to over a million in seven months and changed how multi-billion-dollar industries do their marketing.


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