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One Degree Friday September 9 2022

Agency of the Year 2022 Shortlists: Digital & Design

Today marks the first announcement of the agencies that made it through to the shortlist for the 2022 Agency of the Year competition, along with the judges that assessed the cases, starting with Digital and Design.


Mass killings in a digital age: Why experts say online scrolling can cause offline symptoms

As they swipe through TikTok, more than a million viewers in the last two days have stumbled upon a video showing a woman staring into the camera. The accompanying text says she went to bed on Saturday not knowing what she’d wake up to.


Developing Canadian leadership & excellence in science & innovation

As Canada’s Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry, every day I see the challenges and opportunities that the world is facing. These challenges have been visceral for Canadians over the past few years.


Technology innovation in financial services will be driven by Web 3.0

FinTechs, a collective name for businesses that use technology to efficiently provide financial services to clients, have led the way. We have over 6,000 FinTechs in India, and that number is rising throughout the entire range of financial services—from regulatory technology to full-scale digitally native neo banks, from lending technology and payment technology to regulatory technology.


Learn How to Build an Effective, Modern Digital Marketing Strategy

The world of digital marketing is constantly evolving, forcing businesses to change with it to stay ahead of the curve. You’ll face all kinds of challenges when trying to build a productive digital marketing strategy, but ability shouldn’t be one of them. If you want your business to grow, you need to understand how to effectively market to your potential customers. You can learn how to do that in The 2022 Premium Retargeting & Digital Marketing Bundle.


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