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One Degree Tuesday September 13 2022

Canada’s real problem is not job losses, it’s the rush to retire

More than a year after the Great Resignation took hold in the United States, Canada is grappling with its own greyer version: the Great Retirement. Canada’s labour force grew in August, but it fell the previous two months and remains smaller than before the summer as tens of thousands of people simply stopped working.


How to Choose the Best Colors for Your Social Media Graphics [Infographic]

Are you looking for ways to make your business stand out on social media? Want to learn the best colors to use to appeal to your target market?


9 Steps to Build an Effective Social Media Strategy for 2022

These days, one of the essential components of any marketing strategy is a solid social media strategy plan. With over 4.6+ billion social media users worldwide, there is a vast potential market that every business can harness.


Amazon outspends Netflix, Disney

Amazon is spending more on streaming content than any other service, including Netflix, according to Bloomberg. The online behemoth will pour more than US$15 billion into streaming in 2022, compared to Netflix’s US$13 billion and Disney Plus’s $9.5 million.


Words: Too few, then too many

I used to compete with newspapers for my mother’s attention when I was little. I couldn’t understand the charm of writing — that is, until I learned how to read.



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