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One Degree Wednesday September 14 2022

“Absolutely disgusting”: Fans fuming about ads on Canadiens jerseys

But uh, the method of switching up their iconic “bleu, blanc, et rouge” look wasn’t exactly well received, as the team announced a multi-year jersey ad partnership with RBC earlier today, shortly before naming Nick Suzuki as the team’s captain.


Student project creates accessible database of Canada’s first newspapers

Researchers at the University of Toronto are providing valuable insight into Canadian history by creating an accessible, free database of the nation’s first newspapers.


The Bill C-11 Hearings Are Back, Part One: The Risks of Regulating User Content

The Senate Standing Committee on Transport and Communications resumes its hearings into Bill C-11 this week with plans for four sessions that will hear from a wide range of witnesses. Given the shortcomings of the House committee hearings – numerous important stakeholders were not given the opportunity to appear – the Senate review this fall provides a critical opportunity to re-examine the bill and to address some of its obvious flaws. With that in mind, this post is the first of a series that highlights some of Bill C-11’s major risks and concerns.


Social Media Analytics: A Guide To Get Started

According to data from Statista, 92.1% of U.S. marketers in companies larger than 100 employees use social media marketing to achieve a wide range of goals. Marketers in the U.S. will spend $80.6 million on social media advertising in 2022.


Google spins out secret hi-speed telecom project called Aalyria, and keeps stake in startup

Aalyria, Google’s latest spinout, says it “radically” improves satellite communications, Wi-Fi on planes and ships and cellular connectivity.


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