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One Degree Monday September 26 2022

Get rid of unencrypted email, fax in health sector, urge Canadian privacy regulators

Canadian privacy regulators are urging governments, health sector institutions, and health providers to strengthen the IT networks that support the country’s medical infrastructure.


Sports betting sites, online casinos and crypto dealers have become major TV media buyers

Watching sports on TV used to be predictable. Breaks in the action would feature trucks, beer and, if it was an American station, perhaps a gecko. Lately that’s changed. Sports betting sites, online casinos and cryptocurrency dealers have become major TV media buyers. And much of what is being pitched is not even intended for B.C. audiences—at least, not legally.


How political candidates are targeting you on social media based on your music tastes, shopping habits and favorite TV shows

Marco Rubio hopes to sway voters interested in Chick-fil-A, Ram trucks, and Duck Dynasty. John Fetterman is searching for fans of microbreweries, Teslas, and the Dave Matthews Band.


As pandemic measures are lifted, social media use has declined with the exception of TikTok

In September, the Wall Street Journal reported that Instagram is faltering in its bid to keep up with TikTok, the wildly popular Chinese-owned video-sharing app.


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