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One Degree Thursday September 29 2022

The Design of Google Pixel 7 Pro (VIDEO)

The most refined design yet, #Pixel7 Pro is crafted with polished aluminum in three modern, elegant colors—Obsidian, Snow, and Hazel.


Seven Biggest Social Media Mistakes Businesses Make That Damage Their Reputation

It’s easy to see why savvy business owners are so easily lured by the power of social media marketing. It offers the possibility of big returns with almost no capital investment and virtually anyone is able to open an account for free and begin sharing content. Unfortunately, in the hands of an inexperienced business owner, the low startup costs and ease of use may be a recipe for disaster.


Brands are Driving Higher Reach and Engagement by Posting Instagram Reels

It’s no secret that video content is dominating social media. TikTok has set the tone for fun, interesting, and more importantly, engaging video content. As a ripple effect, other platforms are now looking to increase engagement with their audiences by prioritizing video.


King Charles Makes Major Change to Royal Family’s Social Media Profiles as Mourning Officially Ends

On Tuesday, the profile photo for the Royal Family’s accounts on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook was changed to reflect the new sovereign and Queen Consort. Charles, 73, immediately acceded his mother as monarch after she died “peacefully” at age 96 on Sept. 8.


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