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One Degree Monday October 3 2022

Where have all the newspapers gone? Spoiler alert: They’re still here

Corporate propaganda is one of the most powerful forces in society today, matched only by the power of government propaganda. Their ascendency is the end result of public relations operatives vastly out-numbering journalists now.


BEYOND LOCAL: Social media use has declined with one exception

In September, the Wall Street Journal reported that Instagram is faltering in its bid to keep up with TikTok, the wildly popular Chinese-owned video-sharing app.


Opinion: Premium news publishers deserve a level playing field with Google and Facebook

Good morning. I am here on behalf of Digital Content Next (DCN). DCN is the only trade organization exclusively focused on the digital future and dedicated to serving the unique and diverse needs of high-quality digital content companies that manage trusted, direct relationships with consumers and advertisers.


Research on the Value of Public Funding for Indigenous Arts and Cultures

The Canada Council for the Arts, in collaboration with Archipel Research and Consulting Inc., undertook a research project grounded in Indigenous ways of knowing.

Google Stadia never mattered, and it never had a chance

Google’s Stadia cloud gaming service will soon be no more, as the company announced that it’s shutting down the service early next year. Google touted ambitious plans when Stadia launched, but it never posed any real threat to established players like Sony and Microsoft.


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