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One Degree Friday October 14 2022

The Best Times to Post on Twitter in 2023: The Surprising Answer

Because you have only a small window to catch your audience’s attention. Miss that window and your Tweet could completely flop, regardless of how great it is.


Toronto tech companies cloned ArriveCan in under 48 hours to show the government overpaid millions

Toronto-based tech company says it recreated ArriveCan within less than 48-hours to show that the federal government overpaid millions for the app.


Do we want social media companies to decide whether Kanye West gets a platform?

Twitter and Instagram just removed antisemitic posts from Kanye West and temporarily banned him from their platforms. It just goes to show … um, what?


Turning the spotlight on Canadian SMBs

Canada’s small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are bracing for economic disruptions. But after years of navigating a global pandemic, many are well versed in staying resilient.


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