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One Degree Monday October 17 2022

Netflix Canada to offer a cheaper plan — you’ll just have to watch ads

Netflix is giving Canadian viewers the option of a cheaper monthly subscription plan — as long as they’re willing to sit through commercial breaks.


Small- and medium-sized businesses have big growth plans: KPMG in Canada Poll

Despite concerns that the economy might be headed for recession, Canada’s small- and medium-sized business (SMBs) leaders are banking on big growth in the next three years, finds a new KPMG in Canada survey.


20 Years of Top Trending Google Searches

For decades, Google search has been a go-to source for many when looking up directions, keeping up with the news, or seeking information on new and unfamiliar topics.


The Government of Canada announces intent to launch a new digital infrastructure initiative to strengthen Canada’s supply chains

Canada’s economic growth depends on strong supply chains to create jobs, ensure goods get to Canadians, and addressing the impact of the rising cost of living. Digitizing our supply chain is one way to make it more efficient while helping to grow our economy.


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