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One Degree Wednesday October 19 2022

On BeReal, is it possible to actually be real?

In a bygone era, there was a common refrain muttered amongst the most social media cynical among us: Nobody cares what you had for lunch.

Nobody cares – that was the argument against most social media. And yet, as we’ve moved from online blogs to Facebook to Instagram to TikTok, the opposite has proven true. People do care. They care a lot.


11 Email Marketing Newsletter Best Practices (with Examples)

Whether you are a solopreneur or run a marketing department in a large company, you’ll quickly find that customers love e-mail. While this may surprise you, especially if you get a lot of marketing emails that just go into the trash, e-mail marketing has consistently proven itself to be highly effective. If this is true, whether you primarily send out an e-mail marketing newsletter or you prefer to advertise sales. For many companies, a mixture of e-mail marketing types is highly effective.


Mastercard SpendingPulse: Canadian consumer spending in September increased +29% versus pre-pandemic as experiential spending drives growth

According to Mastercard SpendingPulseTM, which measures in-store and online retail sales across all forms of payment, Canadian retail sales, excluding automotive, increased +12.3% YOY, (+29% YO3Y) in September indicating spending has well surpassed pre-pandemic levels. Mastercard SpendingPulse accounts for nominal spending and is not adjusted for inflation. E-commerce sales continue to grow, up 78% since pre-pandemic (1.1% YOY), highlighting the ongoing demand for the convenience of digital commerce.


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