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One Degree Wednesday October 26 2022

How to Keep Your Social Media Marketing Strategy on Track [Infographic]

Looking to reform your social media marketing strategy, and implement a more effective system to maintain your performance?



Playback, Canada’s leading screen business publication, is launching the second edition of our signature virtual event and marketplace to bolster and celebrate the Canadian independent feature film industry and serve as an ignition point for new projects and partnerships. November 15-16, 2022 will unveil two days of expert panels, pre-set meetings and networking focusing on the present and future of the film development, financing and production ecosystem.


LifeLabs wins award for holistic, flexible well-being strategy

LifeLabs Inc.’s holistic well-being strategy led to its win in the Coronavirus and benefits category for an employer with more than 5,000 employees at Benefits Canada‘s 2022 Workplace Benefits Awards on Oct. 18.


Google testing AR glasses prototype in Canada, likely with Focals tech

The tech giant says that this “small-scale testing” features devices that “look like normal glasses with an in-lens display.” Tests include translating, speech transcription and navigation. The real-world tests will be handled by Google employees in Waterloo and Toronto, Ontario, according to the company’s blog post.


Could Google, Meta quit Canada over Bill C-18?

The high-stakes game of chicken that is the Online News Act reached a new, dangerous level last week after the federal government closed the list of speakers on its pending Bill C-18 without inviting Meta. That prompted the owner of social network Facebook to issue a statement on Friday threatening to stop carrying links to news stories from Canada if Ottawa tries to force it to pay for doing so. “We have always approached our engagement with Canadian public authorities on this legislation in the spirit of honest and fair debate,” the statement read, “and so were surprised not to receive an invitation to participate.”


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