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One Degree Wednesday November 2 2022

Social media memes: The best of 2022

For a few short hours, people come together to laugh at a silly joke that would not have made sense just a few days ago. Whether it’s topical, related to a profession or interest or sourced from some other weird corner of the internet, they always find a way to unite people with humor.


The First-Ever Metaverse Based Marketing Platform, To Earn NOW, is Finally Here

To Earn Now is a platform that applies the latest blockchain technology including the Metaverse (Web 3.0) to serve as a beacon for all the local businesses worldwide when seeking the best ROI for their investments. Traditional marketing methods which include creating a website and optimizing it with search engines is not only out of date but also costs an arm and a leg. What’s more, is that these methods have a negligible success ratio.


Visa Tackles Digital Divide through Donation of Laptops and Training to Canadian Newcomers

Visa announced the launch of its Digital Empowerment pilot program in Canada with the donation of 400 computers to local Toronto non-profit organizations that seek to help newcomers to Canada access hardware, digital, and financial literacy training. The program is delivered in association with Human-I-T, a non-profit organization that provides digital literacy services to communities across North America.


Rogers outage requires redefinition of quality

There has been recent progress since Rogers cell coverage was unavailable July 8 and several days afterward. The government is now requiring all cell companies to implement changes to avoid long outages like this. In the case of Rogers they will have to split their wireline from their wireless network. This will result in a higher quality of systems that will provide customers with better service.


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