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One Degree Thursday November 3 2022

Kylie Jenner talks about her relationship with social media during a special Halloween episode of Hailey Bieber’s YouTube series, ‘Who’s In My Bathroom?’


12 Killer LinkedIn Profile Examples to Inspire You to Update Your Own

Since LinkedIn is a great place to find a job or recruit a new employee, everyone on LinkedIn should have a profile that gives their experience and qualifications, which makes it easy to identify opportunities. Likewise, people in sales use LinkedIn to find sales prospects and decision-makers.


New leaked documents reveal social media companies closely collaborated with DHS & FBI to police “disinformation.” #foxnews #fox #ingrahamangle


Industry minister to address Canadian marketers on proposed privacy law

This afternoon the Trudeau government begins its campaign to convince businesses that there’s nothing to fear in its second attempt to update the federal privacy law covering the private sector.


Streaming bills on the rise? These ad-supported services are free of charge

Keeping track of the growing number of ad-supported video streaming options launching in Canada isn’t easy, but it can help trim your monthly bills.


Public Relations Expert George Nellist Is Helping Brands Grow on Social Media

Word-of-mouth promotion has always been the most effective form of marketing for any business and will continue to be, no matter how the industry evolves. The advent of digital media has changed the face of word-of-mouth promotion digitally by leveraging the power of social media. For brands, it is now a two-way communication where they promote their products and get feedback on social media.


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