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One Degree Tuesday November 8 2022

How to Win at Wordle (Without Cheating)

Wordle has fast become a modern classic played by millions. As a puzzle enthusiast, I feel as thrilled by it as an astronomer seeing a visible supernova. Only twice before have I felt and seen such widespread excitement about a puzzle: first, early in life, when I encountered Scrabble and crosswords, and later during the Rubik’s Cube craze of the 1980s. Today we’ll explore this modern supernova of the puzzle world.


The Best Keywords Aren’t Popular Keywords | The Best Keyword Strategy You’ve Seen, Vidéo

You look at my screen right here and what do you see? I Googled the term SEO. It’s a popular term, gets over 110,000 searches in the United States per month, and it even has a $9.49 Cost Per Click. And you see Google Ranking at the top, and Moz, and Search Engine Land, Wikipedia, of course. And wait, what do you see here? Neil Patel, that’s my own website. But you know what? Popular keywords aren’t the best keywords. This keyword is almost useless for me. Today, I’m going to break down why popular keywords aren’t the best keywords.


Social media ethicist says regulation goes beyond moderating content

When the Emmy Award-winning documentary “Social Dilemma” was released, it drew the attention of many by revealing just how captive we had become to the feedback loop of social media.


Two-fifths of TV episodes and films shot by women, directors’ guild says

A new report from the Directors Guild of Canada suggests that roughly two-fifths of feature films and episodic television shot by its members were helmed by female directors.


Retail auto industry offers rewarding career paths

Many young people today are exploring career options and wondering what profession will best suit their skills and ambitions. A career choice is a big decision to make, and it can take months or even years of schooling, research, and thoughtful deliberation.


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