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One Degree Friday November 11 2022

Trudeau announces half a billion dollars more for rural high-speed internet access

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is announcing an extra $475 million to the federal government’s fund for delivering high-speed internet to rural homes across the country.


Google is bringing its VPN access to desktop today. Google One subscribers on Premium plans (2TB or higher) can now download VPN apps for Windows and macOS, allowing users in 22 countries to mask their IPs on desktop and reduce online trackers.


How to talk to kids about social media

I’m part of the first generation of parents of children who’ve been exposed to the internet since birth. I remember the days without cellphones, email, social media, streaming TV shows and quick access to the web (hello, that AOL dial-up ringtone!). So often, I feel unsure about how to set up my kids for success with their own technology use – something my own parents never had to figure out.


Younger Canadians are more likely to look for alternative news sources: poll

A new survey suggests that trust in mainstream news is dropping as younger Canadians seek out alternative mediums to source information.


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