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One Degree Tuesday November 15 2022

‘Digital newsletters really humanise you to your readers’

Author Elle Griffin says she would definitely turn down a book deal if she was ever offered one. “I’d never accept one… traditional book publishing is full of bad math, and even worse marketing,” says the 37-year-old writer of gothic novels.


How to Make a YouTube Video in 6 Easy Steps (for Beginners)

In today’s age, just about everyone is on some form of social media. And one of the most popular sites for sharing content is Youtube. With more than 2 billion unique monthly visitors, Youtube is undoubtedly one of the biggest platforms out there.


What IT Leaders Need to Know about Industry Cloud Platforms

Industry cloud platforms combine traditional cloud services with industry-specific functionality. Doing so, these platforms are able to address hard-to-tackle vertical challenges. By using innovative technologies, industry cloud platforms add value and provide organizations with the agility they need to respond to accelerating change.


A guide to parental controls on social media

A little over a year ago, social media companies were put on notice for how they protect, or fail to protect, their youngest users. In a series of congressional hearings, executives from Facebook (FB), TikTok, Snapchat and Instagram faced tough questions from lawmakers over how their platforms can lead younger users to harmful content, damage mental health and body image (particularly among teenage girls), and lacked sufficient parental controls and safeguards to protect teens.


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