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One Degree Wednesday November 16 2022

Wordle today: Here’s the answer, hints for November 16

It is Wednesday, my dudes, and with it comes a new daily Wordle puzzle for you to ponder — as well as our tips and hints to help you solve it.


In search of clarity

I’ve never envied CEOs for the hard decisions they must make. There are the career choices that threaten their work­–life balance and families, and the strategic decisions that put companies and employees at risk. And increasingly, there are a broad range of ethical conundrums related to social justice and equity, political ideology and conflict, and environmental sustainability.


CDSS creates a LinkedIn network to bridge the employment gap

alled “Inployable,” the effort looks to showcase how people with Down syndrome – over 50% of whom struggle to find paid employment – could be the answers for employers across North America who are struggling to find qualified candidates to fill their vacant job openings. The goal is to dispel the notion that people with Down syndrome are less capable or valuable within the workforce, while creating a bridge for those people to connect with the employers who are searching for labourers.


17 Best TikTok Management Apps for Scheduling, Analytics & Much More!

As TikTok grows, both as a social network and a place to do marketing, careful management of your account is more important than ever. In fact, while TikTok may have once been a place to test out strategies, it’s now possible to have ever-larger followings on this network.


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