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One Degree Monday November 21 2022

CNN’s Laura Coates and social psychologist Jonathan Haidt join Bill to discuss the detrimental effects of social media on developing brains.


5 Expert Digital Marketing Ideas To Target Holiday Shoppers

The holidays are a busy time of year for everyone, especially for digital marketers. Between taking care of clients and managing your workload, you may find yourself looking for ways to streamline the work process. And even though you know how important it is to understand consumer behavior during the holidays and beyond, figuring out how to target those consumers can be challenging when you’re busy with other tasks. Here are five experts that will help ensure your holiday marketing campaigns hit their mark.


Minister Vandal announces federal investment supporting innovation and business growth in Manitoba

Manitoba is home to a dynamic and diversified economy, full of skilled workers and entrepreneurs. The province is known for its rich agricultural base, transportation expertise, vibrant arts community, and as a significant manufacturing hub. The Government of Canada is taking more steps to ensure Manitoba is a place for industry to grow and enterprises to thrive, resulting in good jobs for Canadian workers.


8 Twitter alternatives in case the social network shuts down on Elon Musk’s watch — or you just want to quit

Users began fretting about the end of Twitter as soon as Tesla Inc. TSLA, -1.63% CEO Elon Musk announced plans to purchase the service earlier this year, when he teased a more lax approach to content moderation. But many Twitter users have been bracing to say goodbye with more urgency over the last several days, after Musk followed up mass layoffs by asking remaining employees to either consent to long hours or take severance pay.


Why small businesses need more digital payment systems

Digital payments are one of the fastest growing areas for small businesses. Although most large enterprises have implemented digital payment processing, small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that have yet to make the move need to catch up.


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