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One Degree Wednesday November 23 2022

Decentralized Social Media – Has the Moment Come?

On crypto-based predictions market Polymarket, users are seemingly giving Twitter’s new and seemingly unwilling owner Elon Musk the benefit of the doubt. According to a bet expiring Dec. 15, only 36% of bettors think “Twitter reports any outages” by that date.


Why The Billionaire Frank McCourt is Stepping Down As CEO Of His Company To Focus on Rebuilding Social Media

The many dystopian aspects of social media have been well-documented: the flourishing of hate speech and misinformation; propaganda that can incite genocide; the harm it inflicts on body image. This month, after Elon Musk took over Twitter and rapidly changed policies around verification, the platform became flooded with imposters and scams.


Digital transformation: Ending the disconnect between finance and operations

Digital transformation remains top of mind for Canadian CEOs. According to KPMG’s CEO Outlook, 64% of CEOs believe driving digital transformation at a rapid pace is critical to attracting and retaining talent and customers. But as digital transformation matures, it’s becoming apparent in many organizations that there’s a disconnect between finance and operations.


Where to Invest $10,000 Right Now

The Canadian stock market is up close to 10% from just over one month ago. Stocks soared two weeks ago, as the U.S. reported that inflation may have peaked. It’s still far too early to call this the bottom of the market downturn, but there’s far more reason to be bullish now than there was a month ago.


Amid Musk Twitter chaos, athletes & celebs cope just like us

No, LeBron James does not want to be traded — that was put into the world by a fake Twitter feed purporting to belong to the Los Angeles Lakers superstar when a pay-$8-and-pretend-to-be-anyone verification system made a brief appearance.



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