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One Degree Thursday November 24 2022

A New Era Of Google Search: What It Means For SEO

Google not only changes how it presents information to users and updates algorithms, but the way users search is also changing.


Canadian chicken, the main character of dinners

You are what you eat. We’ve all heard that before, am I right? But have you ever wondered what’s in your food? If you’re reading this, you’re most likely living in Canada, which is good news because, when it comes to good sources of protein, you can trust that Canadian chicken farmers have your back.


Four social media platforms your brand should consider using for 2023

Social media is a constant game of strategy and refining strategy to adapt to what’s working now and new platforms. To stay current and maintain a competitive edge, it’s important to know the top social media platforms your brand should use.


Sales & Marketing Coordinator

Playwrights Canada Press is looking for a sales and marketing coordinator to join our small team! See below for what the job entails and how to apply!



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