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One Degree Friday November 25 2022

Vass Bednar: Digital ads are a desperate gamble in a fantasy economy

The recent implosion of the FTX exchange seems to have cemented cryptocurrency’s status as a shambolic investment scheme while further busting the internet myth of the brilliant billionaire. But bitcoin isn’t the only imagined digital economy that consistently manifests as a mirage. A more durable dreamscape exists that many more of us are buying into, and it’s frothy, largely unproven and similarly under-regulated, only it dictates the fortunes of the world’s largest technology companies. It’s the digital advertising industry — and it is about as useful as making medical decisions by shaking a Magic 8 Ball.


Is Google The Next Big Tech Company To Layoff Workers?

Rumors are swirling that Alphabet may be the next big tech company to layoff workers, following the lead of Meta, Amazon and many others.


Deloitte Canada report outlines solutions to achieve digital equity

Digital inequity impacts Canadians across various communities, age groups, and income levels

Many Canadians still face barriers to participating in the digital world. Based on original research, including a survey of Canadians and interviews conducted with industry and government leaders, ‘Digital equity: Focusing on every Canadian’s digital future’ is the second digital equity report released by Deloitte’s Future of Canada Centre.


The global technology report – A Canadian perspective

After accelerating their digital transformation plans during the pandemic, organizations are now dealing with a host of new challenges, from economic uncertainty and geopolitical turmoil, to rising costs and a global talent crisis. Against the backdrop of our evolving reality, Canadian Digital leaders have maintained focus on investing in new and emerging technologies.





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