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One Degree Tuesday November 29 2022

Hockey fans can likely bet on seeing more gambling-related advertising — for now

Talk to a hockey fan and the odds are good they’ll have something to say about all the betting-related content appearing in NHL broadcasts lately.

“It is forced upon us every few minutes,” said Gordon Rendell, writing via email from Happy Valley-Goose Bay, N.L., and summing up a frustration he and other like-minded fans are feeling.


Weekend Story: Decentralized Social Media – Has the Moment Come?

On today’s show we’re taking a look at the latest bout of social media adaptation, courtesy of CoinDesk’s features reporter and assistant opinion editor for Layer 2, Daniel Kuhn.


Regulation of cryptocurrencies in Canada: a digital dollar, stringent licensing, and Bitcoin ETFs

Canada’s Indo-Pacific Strategy: New initiatives and resources

Canada’s Indo-Pacific Strategy offers a comprehensive framework for Government of Canada engagement in the region over the next decade. The first five years of the strategy include new initiatives and investments of almost $2.3 billion over five years, detailed below. In 2026-27, the Government of Canada will return with an update that will cover initiatives and resources for years 2027-2032.


Google officially deploys app archiving through the Play Store

Google System Updates come at seemingly random cadence and are comprised of various bumps to the Play Store app, Play services, and a proper, monthly system update. As it is, we get to see new features added on every few days. One of the latest brings us the ability to slip apps on and off our phones without having to set them up each time.


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