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One Degree Tuesday December 6 2022

George Clooney has a simple strategy for being a star in the age of social media

George Clooney has a surefire way for staying out of trouble as a public figure in the age of social media: stay off of it.

In a profile for the Washington Post published on Friday, the Oscar-winning actor said he manages to avoid too much exposure to today’s 24/7 media cycle by not engaging on those platforms, which he acknowledges would be problematic “if I have three drinks at night.”


Celebrities on the mental-health toll of fame in the social media age

It’s that much harder for celebrities to escape the glare of the spotlight when social media has given them a direct line to the public’s adoration — and acrimony.
The online overexposure has driven some A-listers to go on social media hiatus or log off permanently in the name of preserving their mental health.


Germany signs gas deal with Qatar after being snubbed by Trudeau

Germany has secured a long-term liquified natural gas (LNG) deal with Qatar only months after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told the country that supplying the European country with ethically-sourced Canadian gas lacked a “business case.”


Canadian Pacific Holiday Train returns to the Quad Cities after 2-year hiatus

The Canadian Pacific Holiday Train returned to the Quad Cities after a two-year absence.

It brought excitement around the area, as hundreds of people gathered in the cold to see the train.


Food delivery robots hit Canadian sidewalks, but many challenges delay mass adoption

When customers in downtown Vancouver placed orders with Pizza Hut in September, many of the pies landed on their doorsteps without a courier in sight.


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