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One Degree Friday December 9 2022

What did Canadians google the most this year? The top search trends for 2022

Canadians were searching for Hollywood headlines, inquiring about major sports tournaments and looking for ways to help following the conflict in Ukraine and the World Cup, according to Google’s annual list of top searches released Wednesday.


Social Media Is for Strangers Now

Instagram just isn’t what it used to be. With Gen Z users flocking to TikTok, social media as we know it is changing—and we’re leaving our friends and family behind.


Who should be teaching kids what not to do on social media? Coaches, teachers, parents

A youth hockey player posted images of undressed teammates on Snapchat, sparking questions about who should be teaching privacy ethics


A Social Media Strategy Template That Works

Social media is arguably the largest sales and marketing platform in the modern world. In it, businesses battle for eyeballs and engagement with the target audience.


Canada Digital Adoption Program Advisor Awareness Strategies Expands Services

Digital marketing and automation advisors Awareness Strategies (1 403-259-2490) are expanding their tech integration and business streamlining services with the Canadian Digital Adoption Program, a strategy that helps SMEs anywhere in the country increase overall business efficiencies in support of their three – five-year plans.


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