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One Degree Tuesday December 13 2022

What’s next? Expert predictions on the future of social media for 2023

“Life finds a way.”

The quote, delivered by Dr. Ian Malcolm in Steven Speilberg’s 1993 adaptation of Jurassic Park, is in reference to a lab-grown dinosaur’s will to survive. While the context is incredibly specific, the overall sentiment is not. Despite the hurdles, life—whether that be dinosaurs or people—always finds a way.


Class-action lawsuit against Fortnite to go ahead in Canada

The lawsuit was first initiated in 2019 by Montreal-based legal firm Calex Legal on behalf of the parents of two minors who claimed that Epic Games knowingly created Fortnite to be as addictive as possible.

Now, judge Sylvain Lussier has sided with the plaintiffs, agreeing that that claim “does not appear to be frivolous or manifestly ill-founded,” with the legal proceedings to now go ahead as the plaintiffs “have a valid product liability claim against the defendants.”


Google’s Zombie

Today in Tedium: Google may be the internet’s greatest murderer of ideas. Between its numerous acquihires, its aggressive approach to launching (and discarding) moonshots, and its tendency to build impressive products only to kill them months later, Google may be the greatest example of a cold-blooded idea killer in history. But one product under the search giant’s lineup strikes my fancy in particular, because Google never killed it, even though everyone thought it would. Instead, it survives, unnoticed, quietly doing its thing, ignored by all but a few website hosts. Today’s Tedium ponders FeedBurner, which may be the internet’s closest thing to an eternal flame. — Ernie @ Tedium


Top 6 Digital Marketing Trends for Healthcare in 2022

Maintaining promises to customers’ requirements in the digital age requires more than just business acumen and financial resources. Businesses in this digital age need to modernise their thought processes and operational procedures to foster growth and satisfaction. One of the first steps toward igniting growth and innovation in modern society is the adoption of digital marketing channels rather than sticking with traditional ones.


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