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One Degree Wednesday December 14 2022

TikTok to overtake Facebook in influencer marketing spend this year, YouTube by 2024

Instagram may be worried about TikTok’s threat to its business, but in the near-term, it’s still far ahead when it comes to the influencer marketing dollars spent on its platform in the U.S. According to a new analyst report, Instagram is on track to capture nearly 3x the amount of influencer marketing spend compared to TikTok in 2022 — or $2.23 billion spent on Instagram compared with the $774.8 million spent on TikTok.


Leo Burnett and Kellogg celebrate 70 years with a look at what could have been

While Leo Burnett is celebrating its 70-year-long relationship with Kellogg’s, it new mock documentary explores how there are two sides to every success story.

“Newt the Gnu” is a fictional telling of the titular wildebeest’s aspirations to grace cereal boxes but ultimately losing out to Tony the Tiger, along with Newt’s bitter account of what might’ve been.


How to Conduct a Social Media Audit the Easy Way

Social media and the audiences that go with it are more diverse than ever before. What started out as a niche phenomenon for techno-geeks and college students is now a ubiquitous force in our society. Along with that shift, there has been a move towards the ever-increasing commercialization of the Internet. As most businesses know, a positive presence on social media is very important for growth. This is true both in terms of building relationships with existing customers and acquiring new ones.


Jack Dorsey has responded to Elon Musk’s purported exposé known as “The Twitter Files,” and he’s done so in an essay that’s mercifully not written as a Twitter thread. In it, the social network’s co-founder and former CEO says that he believes the company has nothing to hide, contrary to how the files have been presented. He also says he wishes the information had been “released Wikileaks-style,” and asks that the internet not go after Twitter employees for perceived slights. Of course, his article also promotes his own social networking protocol and Bitcoin.


Popular TikTok’er Hannah Williams asks strangers to disclose their jobs and salaries to close the gender wage gap and remove discrimination in the workplace.


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