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One Degree Thursday December 15 2022

Taking your digital transformation strategy to the next level

Digital transformation has entered the lexicon of many companies over the past couple of years. Business leaders have been jumping feet-first into embracing technologies, excited by the prospect of a digital-first approach transforming how they operate.


SEC Charges Eight Social Media Influencers in $100 Million Stock Manipulation Scheme Promoted on Discord and Twitter

The Securities and Exchange Commission today announced charges against eight individuals in a $100 million securities fraud scheme in which they used the social media platforms Twitter and Discord to manipulate exchange-traded stocks.


Social Media Is Entering Its Flop Era

I came across a tweet the other day that said something like, “Posting on the grid seems kind of cringe now.” They were speaking about Instagram – an app whose whole USP used to be “posting on the grid.” And I realised they were right. Posting on the grid does seem kind of cringe now, for some reason. Obviously none of this matters if you’re not a self-conscious teenager (to be cringe is to be free, etc). But the conversation itself speaks to a wider shift that’s happening. Which is: People don’t know how to use social media anymore. Because social media is flopping.


Ontario to modernize high school computer and tech programs

Education Minister Stephen Lecce announced the new and revamped curriculum — the first in more than a decade — Monday afternoon, saying a new Grade 10 course in computer studies will be launched next fall, as well as the overhaul of technological education starting in Grade 9 in 2024.


What is Neeva? ‘Privacy-first, ads-free’ search engine launched in Canada

Around 16 years into Sridhar Ramaswamy’s career at Google, he realized he was having difficulty reconciling the actions of advertisers with the needs of consumers, and their differences were often creating a negative online experience.


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