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One Degree Thursday January 5 2023

For adolescents, social media might be a brain-changer, researchers say

Frequent use of social media could be reshaping how adolescents’ brains develop, a new study found.

Those who checked their platforms more often were more likely to be sensitive to general social rewards and punishments, according to the study published Tuesday.


Canada marks National Ribbon Skirt Day, inspired by 10-year-old Saskatchewan girl

Canada is marking the first National Ribbon Skirt Day on Wednesday, an event inspired by a young Saskatchewan girl who was shamed for wearing one to school several years ago.


Shopify marketing tool aims to fill void left by Apple privacy crackdown

Shopify is seeking to fill a lucrative gap in marketing data left by Apple‘s privacy crackdown by offering retailers a new way to target potential customers through the world’s largest ad platforms.


Top 3 Marketing Techniques for New Businesses

January 1, 2023) — Anybody who has attempted to start a new business will immediately tell you that it’s no easy feat and attracting customers is one of the initial problems. The fact that approximately 50% of new start-ups fail in their first year of operation highlights this and while there are countless reasons why this might be the case, if you can at least entice customers straight away you will have a decent footing for success.


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