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One Degree Thursday January 12 2023

Zellers teases its 2023 return to Canada

With Canadian bank accounts increasingly being deflated by inflation, the Zellers motto “Where the lowest price is the law” has a nice ring to it. Shoppers will soon find out if that slogan stands the test of time.


Senate approval of Bill C-18 would provide critical support for ethnic media, publishers say

Ethnic newspapers have served Canada’s diverse communities for decades, but when the pandemic struck, hundreds across the country stopped printing or moved exclusively online. Now, a federal bill currently before the Senate has the potential to help the situation.


Social media, online harms and mental health – what does the evidence say?

Individual cases – such as the tragic death of Molly Russell – have formed part of the larger ongoing discussion around the impact social media has on the experiences and mental health of young people. How best to mitigate the risks of online harms and the idea of regulation of social media platforms has been brought to the forefront of public debate and the Online Safety Bill is also currently passing through the House of Commons.


How To Make Your Travel Business More Successful

The keyword in modern travel industry is ‘abundance’. After the travel disruptions caused by the pandemic in the past two years have sparked a greater than ever desire in people for travelling. Not only that, but people now have a huge appetite for exploring the different corners of the world.


3 Tips for Effective Content Creation: Hussen Shambesh on How to Be a Successful Influencer

Content creation can significantly impact your company’s growth rate. Hussen believes that social media influencers can benefit considerably from investing in digital marketing by generating content that appeals to their target audience. He suggests the following tips for effective content creation:


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