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One Degree Monday January 16 2023 – Sports Betting, BoC, Ukraine, Social Media Stars

Ontario is awash in ads promoting betting on sports. The Fifth Estate explores the sudden spike in gambling options and why some in the United Kingdom, where gambling advertising is being scaled back, say Canada is making a bad bet.

First Estate

BoC to lose billions over next few years, posing communications challenge: report

The Bank of Canada may lose up to $8.8 billion over the next few years, according to a new report warning the central bank may run into a communications challenge as a result of the losses.


Post-war Ukraine needs a smart digital transformation strategy

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is still far from over, but it is already clear that Ukraine has defended its independence and won the right to become a fully fledged member of the democratic world. This trajectory was further underlined in summer 2022 when Ukraine received official EU candidate nation status.


Five Social Media Stars Who Have Launched Themselves Into Business

As social media stars look to branch out with their own brands and labels, taking advantage of their online following, influencer businesses can bring in big money.


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