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One Degree Monday January 23 2023

Top 20 Job Titles in High Demand in Canada According to LinkedIn – 2023

The company published 2023 Jobs on the Rise using data on jobs shared by LinkedIn members from January 1, 2018, to July 31, 2022, to calculate a growth rate for each job title. LinkedIn says their list of fastest-growing job titles over the past five years will help job seekers to plan their next move:


Tech industry sees thousands of job cuts

Tech companies around the world are cutting thousands of jobs amid growing economic worries. Microsoft and Amazon have announced thousands of layoffs, while Canadian companies like Hootsuite and Lightspeed are also trimming positions.


Social media must balance ‘right of free speech’ with audience ‘right to know’

Few debates are louder or more palpable today than this: “What role should free speech play when it comes to social media platforms?” Even though social media companies are private and aren’t bound by the First Amendment, the argument rages on, highlighting the tension between tenets of free speech for all and the privacy and transparency measures that protect the public — especially children — from harm.


Canadian retail sales fell 0.1 per cent to $61.8 billion in November

Canadian retail sales edged down in November amid a broad consumer spending pull back as the rising cost of living continued to erode purchasing power.


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