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One Degree Wednesday January 25 2023

Factors Contributing To The Growth Of Online Casinos In Canada

It is no secret that online gambling has recently grown in popularity. The popularity of online casinos among Canadians, as well as the ongoing legal issues that Canada must address in order to regulate this practice, are major factors driving the growth of these websites.


Protect your business’s social media presence, avoid ‘copycat’ scammers (VIDEO)

The Copycat Cyber Scam has once again hit local businesses. Small businesses using social media for contests and connecting with clients have found scammers moving in, looking to compromise customers’ financial security and leaving local businesses with all the repair work. With more on protecting the bottom line and reputation, digital marketing planner Sofie Andreou tells Teresa Kaszuba about the effect of these scams and what you can do to prevent them.


Who’s Afraid of ChatGPT?

It’s tempting to ask ChatGPT to write an introduction to a reading list about ChatGPT, but I went the old-fashioned human route for this one. Not because of journalistic integrity or to avoid a increasingly-tiresome shtick, but because, as OpenAI told me when I tried, ChatGPT is at capacity right now. Too many old-fashioned humans had gotten there before me.


DOJ poised to sue Google over digital ad market dominance – Bloomberg News

The U.S. Justice Department is poised to sue Alphabet Inc’s Google as soon as Tuesday regarding its dominance over the digital advertising market, Bloomberg News reported on Monday, citing people familiar with the matter.


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