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One Degree Friday January 27 2023

TikTok parent ByteDance just bought a hospital group in China

TikTok’s parent company ByteDance is making some pretty heavy bets on the healthcare space as it acquired Amcare, which runs high-end children’s and women’s hospitals across China.

The buyout cost ByteDance $1.5 billion, according to Bloomberg. A spokesperson for Xiaohe Health, ByteDance’s healthcare business, confirmed the acquisition but declined to comment on the deal size.


Companies that change the game can change the world

The world faces a host of existential crises, including climate change, natural scarcity, income inequality, and poor global health. We call these exponential crises because they are characterized by a series of feedback loops that create vicious circles. And, in turn, they aggravate one another.


Canadian publishing-sector revenues keep plunging

Canadian periodical publishers generated $982.8 million in operating revenue in 2021, according to data Statistics Canada released today. That is down 16.4 per cent from the more than $1.17 billion that those publishers generated in 2019, and is the lowest amount since comparable data started to be collected in 2013, according to the nation’s number cruncher.


Google monopolizes online advertising, U.S. alleges in antitrust lawsuit

The complaint, filed Tuesday in Virginia, alleges that Google monopolizes key digital advertising technologies, collectively referred to as the “ad tech stack,” that website publishers depend on to sell ads and that advertisers rely on to buy ads and reach potential customers.


Content Marketing Media Updates Hyper-Local Ads & Reputation Services With AI

With chatbots continuing to make waves, Content Marketing Media sees a valuable opportunity for businesses looking to leverage smart AI assistants to drive growth in 2023.


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