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One Degree Tuesday January 31 2023

This segment originally aired on January 25, 2023.
‘The Hype Machine’ author and MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy Director Sinan Aral spoke with Yahoo Finance Live anchors Dave Briggs and Seana Smith about the popularity of AI, ChatGPT, risks and the impact on Google.


How to Make YouTube Shorts: A Guide for Newbies

These days, short-form video is very popular. The advent of TikTok, Instagram Reelz, and other changes in the marketing industry means that video is hotter than ever. And this trend has transitioned to the marketing world, as well. These days, the short-form video gets a very high ROI.


Supreme Court must step in to defend the editorial rights of social media platforms

Can the government dictate how social media platforms moderate their content, compelling them to host speech they wouldn’t otherwise? The answer to this question, which the U.S. Supreme Court strongly indicated on Jan. 23 it would soon address in a pair of cases involving Florida and Texas laws, should be no.


SEO v Social Media: The 9 Big Differences & What Works Where [Infographic]

Are you considering your marketing plan of attack for the year ahead? Want to learn how SEO and social media will fit into each of your campaigns?


DOJ Puts Google Stranglehold on Web Advertising in Its Crosshairs

A file photo of Google Europe’s headquarters in December 2022 in Brussels, Belgium. A newly launched antitrust suit filed by the U.S. Department of Justice has put Google’s stranglehold on web advertising in its crosshairs. (Image: Thierry Monasse/Getty Images)


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