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One Degree Wednesday February 1 2023

A goal isn’t a mission

There are missions, and then there are missions. One type of mission is an achievable task with a fixed goal that is often tactical and short-term in nature. The other mission is a high-level aspiration that provides direction and motivation to an organization over a long period of time. Leaders who mix up the two can put the future of their companies at risk.


Canada’s Digital Governance Organization Strengthens Trust in Digital Economy

Today at the members’ meeting Keith Jansa, CEO and Chair Jim Balsillie announced the launch of the Digital Governance Council (DGC). Formerly the CIO Strategy Council, the DGC convenes executives across sectors to act on critical digital governance challenges and opportunities with the aim of strengthening the trust and confidence in Canada’s digital economy for communities, businesses and governments.


New Apps Aim to Douse the Social Media Dumpster Fire

After Elon Musk’s recent acquisition of Twitter, many habitual tweeters announced their intentions of switching to other social platforms. Some blamed their defection on fears of an increase in hate speech and misinformation on the site. But even before the takeover, social media platforms such as Twitter already had a major problem that was driving users away: they make people miserable.


OpenAI releases tool to detect AI-generated text, including from ChatGPT

After telegraphing the move in media appearances, OpenAI has launched a tool that attempts to distinguish between human-written and AI-generated text — like the text produced by the company’s own ChatGPT and GPT-3 models. The classifier isn’t particularly accurate — its success rate is around 26%, OpenAI notes — but OpenAI argues that it, when used in tandem with other methods, could be useful in helping prevent AI text generators from being abused.


Google’s head of mental health and wellbeing was among the 12,000 workers laid off by the tech giant

Google’s head of mental health and wellbeing said on LinkedIn that she was laid off after nearly 15 years working for the company.


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