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One Degree Thursday February 2 2023

Rocket Scientists Answer Questions From Twitter | Tech Support

– WIRED (Video)

It’s not rocket science! Well, actually, it is! Rocket scientists Tiera and Myron Fletcher answer the internet’s burning questions about rocket science, rocket ships and space travel. What’s harder, rocket science or brain surgery? Will humanity ever leave the solar system? What’s so special about Elon Musk’s new rocket? Why are rocket engines so loud? Will we eventually have warp drive? Tiera and Myron answer all these questions and much more!

Why You Should Make ‘Career Cushioning’ Part of Your Job This Year


Have you ever casually browsed job boards, just to see what’s out there? Taken a recruiter’s call, even though you’re not sure you want to leave your current role anytime soon? Started a side hustle because it never hurts to have a Plan B? Congratulations, you were “career cushioning”—which means you’re ready for 2023’s buzziest work trend.

Writing privacy notices that are easy to read and understand


Privacy notices and website privacy policies can be long documents with confusing language that often never get read. But what if they were shorter – let’s say 80% shorter? And what if they still met legal and policy requirements and provided users with the information they needed in plain language? With the help of our content designers, as well as privacy and legal colleagues, we’re making this a reality in the products we build.

Twitter discontinues CoTweets, says will debut text attachments next week


Twitter announced Tuesday that it is discontinuing CoTweeting, a feature that let two users co-author a tweet. The company said that the feature will immediately cease to exist. Users will be able to view the set of co-tweets for a month. After that, they will be automatically converted to retweets on the co-author’s profile.

Social media companies in the US brace to battle onslaught of legal challenges


Social media companies in the United States are bracing themselves to battle an onslaught of new state and federal legislation and legal challenges with far-reaching regulatory implications this year.

Cybercriminals advertising jobs on the dark web


According to a Kaspersky report that examined 200,000 job ads posted on 155 dark websites between March 2020 and June 2022, hacking and APT groups primarily seek to hire software developers with extremely competitive pay packages.



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