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One Degree Thursday February 9 2023

It’s an ad, ad, ad, ad world

In recent years, advertising—or at least the advertising that baby boomers grew up with—has often been written off or pegged as a historical relic. The hit AMC television show Mad Men, whose seven-year run ended in 2015, painted Madison Avenue as a hotbed of drunken-office behavior, misogyny, and cynicism. In an age of DVRs and streaming, pundits have proclaimed the end of the 30-second spot. Consumers routinely install ad-blocking software and have trained themselves to skip over and ignore the marketing messages that interrupt their media experiences. When was the last time you found yourself singing a catchy ad jingle?


Craft jury revealed for 101st Marketing Awards

The Craft category at the Marketing Awards recognizes technical achievements in advertising, from visual effects, cinematography and animation to art direction and copywriting. To help pick the winners, a group of experts from agencies, design firms and production companies have been convened to evaluate the entries.


Google Canada starts layoffs as parent company cuts 12,000 workers globally

Google sent layoff notices on Monday to affected Canadian employees after its parent company Alphabet announced earlier this year it was cutting 12,000 of its global workforce.


Twitter appears to be recovering from having technical issues that prevented people from tweeting, though problems with DMs, and accessing TweetDeck are still seemingly persisting. Downdetector reports that the problems started around 4:30PM ET, and the unfettered ability to tweet came back around an hour and a half later.


CBC won’t abandon TV, radio audiences as it charts digital path over next decades, says president

The CBC will continue to provide Canadians with traditional radio and television broadcasts and will delay its move to digital-only service until adequate high-speed Internet is available to all Canadians, said the head of CBC.


Apple’s website has been redesigned to show off more products & services

Apple has made a subtle but significant change to its website, meaning that it is now quicker to find products, and more services are displayed.


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