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One Degree Monday February 20 2023


All our stories in the briefings are curated – we go through about 75 news feeds and 50+ topic alerts as well as numerous publications and newspapers to find articles that are relevant to our readers who are mainly Canadian digital marketers. I have subscriptions to the major papers and magazines, however I refrain from adding them here. If there is a “newsworthy” item I see if anyone else is covering it. Not my job to get you to subscribe. If you want to fine! Sadly we run into slow news days like this. As Scarlet said in Gone with the wind …

“Tomorrow I’ll think of some way… after all, tomorrow is another day.”

Enjoy Family Day my friends!

Putting a timetable on the move it announced in September, Google says users will be able to manage all tasks created across various Google apps from Google Tasks starting in March. Beginning May 22nd, Google will automatically move reminders created in the Google Assistant and Calendar apps to Tasks, though users can voluntarily start doing so ahead of time.


Is it fair to blame social media for teenagers’ mental health?

Rates of depression and suicidal thoughts among American teenagers increased dramatically between 2011 and 2021 — particularly among girls and children who don’t identify as heterosexual — according to new data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


Canadian Tire boosted ad spend by 12.7% last year

The retailer earned a net income of $531.9 million in the three-month period ending Dec. 31, up from $508.5 million a year earlier. Revenue totaled $5.34 billion, up from $5.14 billion in the same quarter last year. For the full year, consolidated retail sales were up 5.4%, and 2.4% when excluding gas sales.



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