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One Degree Wednesday February 22 2023

How ‘Reverse Empathy’ On Social Media Has Ruined The Experience For Everyone

Over the last decade, apps like Twitter have allowed anyone to post their true feelings, to share ideas and viewpoints with a large audience. We’ve also had access to the inner thoughts and personal convictions of celebrities. We’ve seen politicians make grand announcements, and we’ve followed world figures like they are communicating directly to us.


Netflix to begin password sharing crackdown in Canada this week

This is the week that many Canadians could find themselves locked out of a shared Netflix account.

Earlier this month, the streaming giant sent notices to Canadian users outlining how accounts can be accessed by those they don’t live with as it begins cracking down on password sharing.


A family’s tragedy leads to U.S. Supreme Court social media showdown

Nohemi Gonzalez, a 23-year-old aspiring industrial designer, ventured to Paris as a student at California State University, Long Beach on a study-abroad program. She lost her cellphone, so one day in November 2015 she let her mother Beatriz know she was well with a one-word message on Facebook: “Mommy.”


Splitting Up Social Media May Be Its Only Hope

By now it should be evident that Twitter Inc. is a shadow of its former self. What’s not clear is which alternatives might replace it, or how the market will look a few years from now. This chaos offers an opportunity to rethink the entire structure of the social media landscape.


Meta testing new subscription service for verified accounts

Meta is testing a new subscription service that would let Facebook and Instagram users pay for a verified account.


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