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One Degree Wednesday March 1 2023

WATCH — Want to be an influencer? What you should know

Imagine making money by posting gameplay videos on YouTube. Or by making TikTok videos about your favourite clothing brand.


Here’s how every social media company is adopting subscriptions

For the longest time, social media companies have relied on the fact that their service is “free” to use. All these companies banked on showing ads and getting some user data in return to let them use social networks without any charge. Now with declining revenues and tough global economic conditions, social networks are resorting to offering subscriptions in one way or another. These paid plans can unlock features ranging from vanity checkmarks to exclusive stickers to increase reach and more.


Canada steps up to meet the skilled labour needs of high-growth sectors

A competitive workforce is key to ensuring Canada’s economic growth, but as global and domestic labour trends accelerate, gaps are appearing between the demands of industry and the skillset of available workers.


Time to pay the piper

Google leadership told a parliamentary committee that the government’s attempt to monetize internet news content for local support would not work. They said the same thing in Australia and, according to the government there, the move has provided almost $200-million in payments to news providers since the bill passed in 2021.


Digital Marketing And Analytics: Lessons For Canadian Retailers Using Offline Conversion Tools Following Privacy Commissioner’s Ruling

A recent decision by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (OPC) illustrates the complex and often ambiguous nature of consent under Canadian federal privacy legislation, the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). It also highlights key implications for Canadian retailers processing data as part of their digital marketing and analytics efforts, using offline conversion tools.


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