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One Degree Monday March 6 2023

Social Media, A News Destination for The Young?

If young people are spending so much time on social media, it stands to reason that’s a good place to reach them with news.


Cash-strapped news sector needs Online News Act: Senator Harder

Our news consumption habits have forever changed. Gone are the days of the broadsheet setting the agenda for public debate. Today, the news reaches us via a small number of digital platforms. Their business model is to capture billions of dollars in advertising in exchange for our attention. But while the news business is doing the heavy lifting in covering events and reporting on issues that matter to our communities — be they local, national or international — very little of that value goes back to it.


Canada Needs a Digital Innovation Strategy

Enacting internet regulation to promote digital innovation is core to global economic development, even if the Canadian government continues to avoid the implementation of a comprehensive digital innovation strategy. Forward-looking internet regulation that respects the innovative nature of the digital sphere must be adopted using a multistakeholder approach focused on inclusivity, safety, and fair competition.


7 High-Tech IKEA Canada Products That Can Turn Your Home Into A House Of The Future (PHOTOS)

Think IKEA, and chances are it’s the furniture and time spent building it that come to mind. But did you know that you could also get your hands on some really cool tech gadgets from IKEA Canada?


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