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One Degree Tuesday March 7 2023

KPMG joins forces with Bell to drive finance transformation

As Partner and Telecommunications Sector Lead at KPMG in Canada, Dan Krausz has played a key role on Bell’s finance transformation journey over the past few years.


12 Steps to Master Social Media: A Beginners Guide for Small Business [Infographic]

Are you about to embark on a social media campaign for your business? Want to learn the basics of a successful social media marketing strategy?


Questions about partisan-style radio ads by BC NDP

Perhaps you’ve heard an ad playing on the radio brought to you by NDP MLAs, proclaiming Premier David Eby as a “man of action”. You might think the *party* paid for the ad, but as Emad Agahi reports, you’d be wrong.


Canadian Nordstrom closing: gaps in jobs, retail space

Nordstrom’s departure from the Canadian market is causing losses of jobs and empty retail spaces. But, “is it Canada”?


Too Many Studies on Teen Social Media Use Only Look at White Kids

Most research on teen social media use has been conducted on white teens and college students. As a result, it is unclear to what extent overlooked populations such as racial and ethnic minorities, sexual and gender minorities and other vulnerable adolescent populations may be using social media in different ways.


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