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One Degree Monday March 13 2023

Canada’s decision to ban TikTok from government devices is bad news for the NDP’s election strategy

New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh, the most prolific Canadian politician on TikTok with almost 900,000 followers, has deactivated his profile in a move that will undermine his party’s attempts to engage with young voters through social media.


Publishers move past seeing social media platforms as traffic drivers

Media companies primarily viewed social media platforms as important channels to drive traffic to their websites and apps by promoting and distributing their content. But the influx of social media platforms and video formats entering the scene have forced publishers to weigh how to treat those readers: build an audience that stays on the platform — or funnel them back to their owned and operated properties, according to conversations with heads of audience development and social at Bustle Digital Group, Vice Media Group and The Washington Post.


Twitter is in a period of decline. The site still functions, people are still using it, but there’s a familiar stink that lingers on the website. It reminds me of the twilight days of two other social media platforms I’ve used: LiveJournal and Tumblr — onetime vibrant communities that grew in popularity until everyone seemed to be using them, which then began a long, slow death.


Meta exploring a new social network that could compete with Twitter

Meta is exploring a decentralized, text-based social network that could compete with Elon Musk’s Twitter. The move could help Meta attract some of the Twitter users who are looking for alternatives after Musk took over and changed some of the site’s rules.


Prince George RCMP warns of new scams making the rounds in Northern Capital

Scams are on the rise in Canada, as fraudsters have been deploying increasingly high-tech and sophisticated ways to coax the hard earned cash from their victims bank accounts, and the local RCMP has sounded the alarm for Prince George residents to be wary.


Fake Montreal music festival advertising $600 tickets online

Want to see Harry Styles, Doja Cat and SZA in Montreal this summer? Don’t hold your breath. The so-called “Festival Aurora” is not what it claims to be, various sources confirmed to CTV News Friday morning.


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