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One Degree Tuesday March 14 2023

Former Assistant Treasury Secretary on ESG, social justice initiatives causing bank failures: ‘100% true’

Monica Crowley discusses bank failures over the weekend, ESG and social justice being the cause, and how risk assessment measures put into place after the 2008 financial crisis were ignored. The former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury dispels the rumors that Trump’s banking reforms are the cause of the bank failures, commenting “on the deregulation part, that is not part of this equation whatsoever from the Trump years.


Meta threatens Canada

Facebook-parent Meta Platforms said on Saturday that it would end availability of news content for Canadians on its platforms if the country’s Online News Act passes in its current form.


Simon Kronenfeld: How to Recession-Proof Your Business

Finding ways to protect your business from damage is essential for your long-term financial success. It is therefore critical for established business owners, such as Semion Kronenfeld, to understand what strategies they should use in order to survive financially under any conditions that may affect their business, should a recession occur.


What is the BBC’s social media policy and what does it mean for stars like Lineker?

Gary Lineker’s post on Twitter criticising the government’s proposed asylum legislation has triggered a debate over the BBC’s impartiality rules – what they say, and to whom they should apply.


Instagram pornbots how scam works

“They usually have a lot of numbers in their name and few followers. They’re porn bots. Their main job is to get attention. Usually it’s on the link in the bio (has a scam or other virus) or encourage interaction (yes, you can talk) to these bots) ”- recently wrote on Twitter Wojtek Kardyś, business consultant, specialist in online communication and digital marketing



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